How Can a Hair Treatment Help Your Hair?

Want to take your hair from zero to hero status? While regular use of products such as shampoo and conditioner is essential, a hair treatment gives your strands an extra boost to keep them shiny, healthy, and stylish. By regularly using hair treatment products, you can ensure your hair stays in salon-quality condition in between visits.

What Is a Hair Treatment?

Unlike conditioners which coat the hair and treat the surface, a hair care treatment actually penetrates follicles to restore them to their best state and maintain strength. While hair treatments are ideal if your hair is damaged and needs to be rebuilt, they can also keep healthy hair looking its best. No matter what kind of hair you have, a hair treatment should be an indispensable part of your hair care routine.

What Types of Hair Treatments Are There?

Finding the best hair treatment for you requires determining any possible damage your hair has undergone. Hair damage can occur for a variety of reasons, including:

·       Chemicals from treatments like coloring and perming

·       Hereditary factors that predispose strands to be drier, more likely to break, or frizzy

·       Overheating from hair dryers, curlers, flat irons, and other hot tools

·       Overexposure to the sun

When your hair experiences any combination of these factors, a hair treatment can come to the rescue to begin the repair process.

There are a few categories of hair treatments. These include:

Moisturizers, which target the cortex, or the middle portion of a strand of hair. These types of hair treatments balance the moisture content, helping you maintain sheen and adding volume to your hair. Whether you're prone to dry, frizzy hair or have experienced hair damage from chemical or environmental factors, a moisturizing hair treatment provides benefits.

Reconstructors, which help to rebuild hair that is breaking naturally or from chemical damage. These hair treatments are usually protein-based to add strength to follicles, helping to eliminate flyaways and add thickness to hair. They're also ideal for more intense hair issues because they restore hair.

No matter what hair treatment you get, make sure to carefully follow the treatment instructions, since over-treating hair can have negative effects on hair, such as making it brittle.

To evenly distribute the hair treatment, use a wide-tooth comb to make sure every strand is saturated. Carefully apply it from root to tips, and work in the hair treatment to coat your entire scalp.

What Hair Treatment Should I Get?

Luseta Beauty offers hair treatments for most hair types. If you want to add a successful hair treatment to your hair care routine, consider these Luseta offerings:

Macadamia Oil Treatment has macadamia oil to increase moisture and strength and make hair shiny. Perfect for all types of hair, macadamia oil keeps hair soft and helps it grow more thickly. Is your hair dry or damaged from heat? Macadamia oil helps make it look and feel brand new.

Argan Oil Hair Masque and Argan Oil Hair Repair Serum help repair damaged, weak, and color-treated hair. Non-greasy argan oil rebuilds split ends while keeping hair smooth and shiny, adds heat protection, and aids hair growth.

Give your hair the care it deserves, and shop affordable hair treatment products here now.