A gorgeous hairstyle to deal with second-day hair

Tired from work, partying too hard the night before… We all feel a little lazy sometimes, especially when it comes to doing our hair. Dry shampoo? So boring. Think of a highly trending hairstyle to jumpstart your mood. It can even be dressed up for a party.


You’re right. A pretty and unusual rope braid updo is all the inspiration we need for the weekend. Braids work a lot better with dirty hair. Seriously. If your hair is too clean and soft, it won’t stay in place and will fall out of your braid.



To start, an alcohol-free power gel for luminous shine and zero frizz will help for styling. Create a deep side part, move on to the plaits.  Take a small section from the left, go under and add it to the rope. Then take a small section from the right, go under and add it to the rope. Along the part, continue to twist this rope braid by adding small sections from the root to the end all the way down. Then start a second and third braid at temples, braiding back on each side. After finishing six twist braids, weave them together and pin them to give a halo effect. Your gorgeous braided updo won’t present a perfect position until you loose a bit of braids. To finish, spray a weightless firm-hold finishing spray to hold your new style for the whole day.


Enjoy your day, beauty lovers!