Want to have a great hair wash routine?



Washing our hair is something we all do on a regular basis, but did you know that there is a “right” way to wash your hair? 

Always remember that cleansing your scalp is the fundamental goal when you’re standing in the shower. To accomplish this, massage a small amount of shampoo throughout your whole scalp instead of your actual hair, until it foams. 

To do this correctly, you must wash your hair twice. The first time you wash your hair, you will notice a lack of foam because the shampoo has removed the dirt and oil build-up. After this,your hair density will be enhanced.

The second lather is the key. After the dirt has been removed from the first wash, your hair cuticles unfold, and now you can do a deep cleanse. 

Apply conditioner from the mid length of your hair to the ends. Do not apply conditioner to the top of your head as this will cause you to have greasy roots and will make your hair flat. Leave the conditioner on for 3 minutes so it can be absorbed, then rinse it out. 

Don’t forget to rinse with warm water to seal your hair cuticles. 

Try it and share your experience with us!