Oily and Greasy Hair?


Although many people suffer from dry and brittle hair, some of us actually have greasy and oily scalps. So it makes it seem like we haven't washed in a while, when we've only just taken a shower in the morning! Here are some ways to prevent having oily hair throughout the day.

When shampooing try to leave it in your hair for a couple minutes before rinsing it off completely. That way it will dry out your scalp further. But also make sure to rinse out all of the product in your hair, as if there is any left over, that can also play role in making your hair greasy. And remember to condition only from the mid to tips of your hair.

Heat can actually stimulate the glands that produce sebum to be made faster, to counteract this, try to rinse your hair in cooler water. Also when blow drying your hair, try to keep the heat to a minimum and use the cool option. This will not affect the glands and will lock in your hair cuticles with moisture, all while reducing the damage done to your hair. 

Dry shampoo is your best friend especially when it comes to greasy scalps. Just spray some dry shampoo into your oil roots and massage it into your hair. This will immediately absorb the grease and also the odor from the overproduction of sebum.

No one wants to greasy hair. If you are one of the few that often experience oily and greasy hair, make sure you try to follow these techniques to avoid having too much oil!

Brandon J.
Beauty Enthusiast