Keep your Hair on your Head with Coconut Milk!


You know when you dry your hair and see that pile of hair on the ground afterwards? Yeah, we aren't getting them back any time soon. So you have to take initiation and stop your hair from falling out as much. And Coconut Milk is one of the ingredients that help with that.

  • When washing your hair, taking your shampoo infused with coconut milk, massage it into your scalp and leave it in for a couple of minutes while you wash other parts of your body. Doing that will surely benefit your hair in more growth and strength from the Vitamin E in coconut milk. This also leaves your scalp extra clean and less greasy.
  • Coconut milk helps restore balance. It can lessen the amount of sebum produced and hydrate dry, brittle hair to harmonize your hair. 
  • Coconut milk also gives great moisture and nourishment. Once the hair is full of moisture, it locks them in with a thin layer of protectant on each hair strand so the moisture does not leave the hair. This especially helps with split ends in trying to maintain and keep them together.

People have been using coconut for hair treatments centuries ago especially where tropical fruits were abundant. Fruits contain more antioxidants and nutrients to nourish the hair and treat them. Instead of using chemicals coconut milk is a great alternative and a natural ingredient.