When is The Last Time You Cleaned Your Hairbrush?


Hairbrushes are usually at the bottom of the list of things to clean. But they shouldn't be. Think about how often a person brushes their hair. With every brush of the hair comes contact with greasy follicles, dust and residue from hair products. This leaves a place for bacteria to build up. Gross, right? Follow these few tips every few weeks for a cleaner brush and hair! 

Remove hair strands. Everyone loses a few strands every time they brush and it's bound to get wrapped around the bristles. So take a few minutes and pull them out. Try using a thin comb or a toothpick for those stubborn strands.

Clean and rinse. Add a few drops of shampoo onto a toothbrush and start to gently scrub the bristles on your brush. Then fill a bowl with warm water and dip the brush or comb into the water a few times to rinse. But be careful not to completely submerge your brush into the water if it was a fabric cushion as moisture could cause mold if not properly dried. 

Lay out to dry. Over the sink or on top of a dry towel, lay your brush with the bristles down overnight. That way, any water left will drip down the drain or soak into the towel so your brushes will be completely dried.