Hair Benefits of Macadamia Oil


There's been a growing trend in hair care featuring macadamia oil. But how do you know if it's actually right for your hair? Well, the first step is understanding what the ingredient is and what it does for hair.

Macadamia oil, pressed from the macadamia nut, is highly nutritious with calcium, vitamin B complex, vitamin E, proteins, phosphorus and iron and contains a great amount of mono-saturated fats. With it's lightweight and non-greasy texture, it's similar in consistency to that of the body's natural oils, making it easily absorbed by the skin and hair.

Now knowing what this rich oil is packed with, how do you know it's goof for your hair? To start off, the high concentration of mono-saturated fats help to coat and protect the hair and scalp from breakage. With its fast absorption and deep penetration, the oil moisturizes each strand without the heavy build up to promote healthy hair. The vitamin E helps to soften and rejuvenate hair, even thick and coarse curls. On top of that, macadamia acts as a smoothing agent to detangle and eliminate frizz, adding shine and resulting in more manageable hair while protecting from damages. 

That being said, macadamia oil can be used for all hair types but with caution for those who have an allergy to nuts. 

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