Are Parabens bad for you?


Hello beauty lovers!
Paraben has always been a hot topic to talk about when it came to beauty products. Do we need to be worried? Is it harmful? Why is it even bad? To clarify your questions in an easy manner, I have shortened and simplified it for a quick reading; continue to find out more!

What are parabens?
are chemicals that have preservative qualities and are frequently used in cosmetics and most beauty and health care products including shampoos and toothpastes. Parabens help these products last longer than they would without it. Parabens get rid of mold and fungi before they even have a chance to grow within the products. This dramatically enhances the shelf life of these products whether they are in-stores or sitting in your medicine cabinet.

Why are they bad?
The reasoning as to why parabens are not good for us is because the chemicals that are included can harm our health by contributing to the development of cancerous tumors. Although it is not scientifically proven (as of now) that paraben and cancer have any direct connection, it is definitely safe to stay away from them as it may be harmful for you in the long run. So if it helps you feel better and safer using paraben-free products, definitely opt for that. If you can't get certain brands out of your life, because paraben is not yet proven to be harmful to you directly, you can of course still use it, just be aware that maybe you might want to lessen the amount being used.

Here is a small list of shampoo places that are known to be paraben-free*:
• OGX Beauty
Luseta Beauty

*Not every product may be paraben-free, please read the ingredients carefully.


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