5 Simple Hair Tips & Tricks You Should Know


Hello Beauty Lovers!

Here are 5 quick and easy tips&tricks you can use on a daily basis and can very easily be incorporated into your everyday routine!

1. Fake a longer, fuller ponytail!

2. Slippery bobby pins? A little hairspray goes a long way.

3. Reduce static hair!

Gently rub dryer sheets over your hair, combs, and brushes to get rid of static. The wax coating on the sheets help smooth and control the fly-aways.

4. Avoid Breakage

When your hair is wet, is it at the most fragile state. So try to avoid combing and brushing your hair until it is dry.

5. Anti Frizz

After conditioning your hair, rinse with cold water. Like how our pores close from cold water, this will seal the hair cuticle, the outer layer of your hair, to prevent moisture to enter the follicle which causes frizz.

Brandon J.
Beauty Enthusiast