Surprising Hairspray Hacks

Finishing Spray 14.2oz, $18

Finishing Spray 14.2oz, $18

Hairspray has been around for quite some time now. So it's needless to say, we all know it's used to hold a hairstyle in place. But there are actually more ways to use the aerosol goodness than most of us know. Here are a few hacks that are going to be game changers.

Secure in accessories. Spraying bobby pins with hair spray will help to create a non-slip layer so that it'll stay secured in place. But it's important to wash the accessories once you're done so avoid build up.

Tame your brows. A quick fix to tame those unruly eyebrows hairs when you don't have the usual products around is hair spray. Spritz a little over your finger or on a q-tip and run it over your brows. Comb through if necessary.

Save your tights. Too often does one go through finding a rip in their tights, and if you're lucky, it's in a spot that can easily be covered. To keep it from ripping more, spray a hairspray to keep the threads in place so you don't have to toss them just yet.

Quick-dry top coat. If you're in a hurry, spray hair spray over your fresh manicure to help it set faster. It not only cuts down the dry time but also adds a layer of shine.

Easy grip. With your brand new shoes, especially high heels, they need a few uses to really break in. To make sure your shoes stay put and are easy to walk in, spray the bottom with to create no-slip grips.


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