YouTube features: Fall Edition


Today we wanted to share videos that include our products with you! We love interacting with y'all and being engaged with our clients/customers. Be sure to check out the videos below as they are very informative and useful!

SimplyAnayah showing us her haircare routine featuring our Argan Oil Ultimate Gold Set! She is so funny and cute! And can we just talk about her editing skills?! They are on POINT.

Carrie DeJong-Brown with another haircare routine video featuring our Argan Oil Ultimate Gold Set! Her makeup is literally on point and her brow game is so strong! Why can't we all be blessed with her brows? She also has amazing hair, look how soft and smooth it is! Glad she is enjoying it!

We love whenever people share our products online whether it be Instagram posts or YouTube videos. They are all amazing and really showcases our products to people who have always considered buying hair care products online but were afraid to!