Truth about Hairsprays


Everyone knows about hairspray and the benefits of them, but what about the myths that go along with it? We will break it down and share the facts about hairspray!


• Hairspray is not bad for your hair. Unless you are soaking your hair with hairspray until it is hard as a rock which would not only damage your hair but also would be harder to get off of your hair. As long as you spray your hair in moderation from about 6 - 10 inches away from your hair it is perfectly fine. When you do use hairspray it is recommended to wash your hair regularly to prevent build-up.

• Hairspray can be brushed off. You can use a brush and comb through your hair to get the hairspray off. A good hairspray usually does not leave too much residue on your hair, and if the hairspray does not get brushed off at all, either you sprayed too much or it is not a good hairspray.

• Hairspray hold factor matters. Yes, this determines whether you want a stronger or softer spray hold. If you want your hair to stay down but also move from the wind, opt for a weaker and lesser level of strength hold. If you have a gorgeous hairstyle you do not want to get ruined from anything, get a higher strength level spray so it keeps it all in place and does not move from a gust of wind.

• Hairspray should not be breathed in. Please make sure to use it in a well ventilated room to avoid breathing in everything you sprayed. It is better to avoid using this in smaller bathrooms as you will be breathing in the hairspray easily. If you have breathing problems, it should either be completely avoided or use cautiously.

Some may be obvious, but not everyone is aware of these things. Hopefully you will go find a nice hairspray knowing it will not be damaging your hair as long as you take care of your hair and wash it on a regular basis.