Surprising Ways to Use Dry Shampoo


Everyone knows dry shampoo is used to absorb grease and oil in roots on the days you don't wash your hair. But there's even more that this aerosol spray does that you may not even realize!

1. Volumize: You don't necessarily need to use a volumizing spray to add volume to your hair. Instead, use dry shampoo! The individual particles in dry shampoo coat your roots, instantly adding volume.

2. Defined Curls: For those days you don't want your curls to clump together, spray dry shampoo all over to keep them imperfectly separated. The product helps to coat your strands to keep them apart.

3. Subtle Hold: When you need a little extra hold on your hair style, dry shampoo offers a light hold and doesn't create a hard texture like hairspray does.

4. Reverse Hairstyle: If one day you're wearing a slicked back pony tail but you don't want to do the same the next day and want fluffy volumized hair, spray dry shampoo from your roots to the ends and comb through with a paddle brush. Flip your hair around a few times to "fluff" it up and style as you please!

Are there any other tricks you use dry shampoo for? Comment below and share with us!