Get to know the Ingredients: Cetrimonium Chloride


There are many ingredients people are not aware of, nor do people even know the functions of them. The series of "Get to know the Ingredients" will feature all the ingredients we use and what they do to benefit your hair and our products. Cetrimonium Chloride, ever heard of that? Probably not. Let's get to the information!

What is Cetrimonium Chroride?
"This question comes up frequently, because something about that name seems similar to some of the names seen for different silicones. The actual chemical name of this ingredient is cetyl (hexadecyl, more properly) trimethyl-ammonium chloride (CTAC). It is definitely not a silicone or silicone derivative. It is a quaternized ammonium molecule (frequently abbreviated as quat), and it has a single positive charge at the head group. CTAC belongs to a family of molecules known as cationic surfactants, which can be used as emulsifying or conditioning agents. Some other commonly used molecules in this group are cetrimonium bromide (CTAB), behentrimonium chloride, and quaternium-15." (

• The positive charged molecules get attached to the negative charges on our hair surface to reduce static and create a smoother surface. So all those frizz-free shampoos and conditioners? They probably include this as one of their ingredients. It is the reason to why your hair is so tamed and clean!

• This ingredient is also used to help hydrophobic oils to mix in with other ingredients in the shampoo and conditioners. Once it is put on wet hair, the aggregate breaks down into their own components and does what they were originally meant to do, whether they nourish the hair, protect the hair, or simply just wash off.